How to install

Standalone binary

Use configure script located in the symgroup directory to create a suitable makefile with the available compiler options.

$ ./configure [options]


  • release: Use strong optimizations (slow to compile fast to run)

  • debug: Use few code optimizations (fast to compile slow to run)

  • gcc : Use gfortran compiler (default)

  • intel: Use Intel fortran compiler (ifort)

  • mkl: Use Intel Math kernel Library

    $ cd build
    $ make symgroup

the executable will be placed in EXE directory

Fortran library

To build symgroup as a fortran library use configure script as described above and type:

$ cd build
$ make symgrouplib

the library will be placed in LIB directory

Python module (symgroupy)

Python module for symgroup is called symgroupy and it is compatible with both python2 and python3. To install symgroupy go to python directory and use to install the code using setuptools python module. A simple setup may be

$ python install --user

the code will be installed as a python module. To check that it is properly installed you can run the :program:`python interpret and execute

import symgroupy

if the module should be loaded without warnings and errors